Health Check

Are you using your software to the best of its ability?

Software Optimisation

Ensure all software opportunities are being exploited.

Database Restructure/Manipulation

Modify its architecture to meet current business and reporting needs without the need to start again – your data is like plasticine and can be re-engineered to ensure it is fit for purpose.

Data Cleanse

We will review your data and identify if it is fit for purpose to ensure it will service your software suite. Your data is the lifeblood of your business.

Project Management

Oversee in house projects and liaise with inhouse staff and respective 3rd parties, e.g. implementation of portal & DM, server migration, acquisition/merger of data.


Handling all elements of source data to be mapped into destination system.

Document Management Conversions

Multiple sources migrated to CCH e.g. HP, rapport, flat file structures.

IT Director

Strategic view of practice IT setup and needs, liaison and introduction to numerous trusted partners.

IT Support

Management of all in house IT infrastructure with key knowledge of accounting software.


Key KPIs delivered to portfolio holders & ongoing deadlines to team members, and anything that stops you sleeping at night..

Process Review

People, processes and your software need to align to maximise efficiency. This frequently needs change to ensure people are working cohesively and the software is configured to meet in the middle.


Technical training on database architecture.

Centralisation of Data Sources

Get rid of all those Excel spreadsheets, databases used to control elements of the practice.

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Chameleon I.T are a client focused consultancy seeking to deliver IT efficiency gains through software and consulting solutions.

These solutions seek to take existing systems and optimise them in conjunction with adding cutting edge technologies to complement.



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