Exception reporting is great!

It only tells us what we need to worry about, as long as we have defined what we are worried about!

Alerts can be written to return information about all aspects of your practice data to include:

  • Clients over credit limit, 
  • Clients where engagement terms have not been refreshed, 
  • Clients with upcoming filing deadlines, 
  • Daily Cash receipts by partner, 
  • Bills exceeding acceptable write-off levels, 
  • Staff exceeding utilisation thresholds, 
  • Clients missing static data elements, e.g. address, email, telephone numbers, 
  • You can even email your clients with certain elements of data you hold if you wish, being cautious of data protection, 

This is just a sample, and in reality we can alert on anything and to anybody, but simplicity works best!

Time Off In Lieu

An alert about time an employee owes to the company or vice versa.

Example of use: if employee's normal working day is 7.5 hours, the timesheet would be made up to 7.5 hours for the day. However, on a specific day an employee might need to work 9 hours as a job has overrun. In this scenario, 9 hours would be recorded to the chargeable job, then -1.5 hours to TOIL. Given the next day an employee spends 8 hours working on the same job, and thus out -0.5 against TOIL, 2 hours are now owed as the time off in Lieu. Following day, when employee completes the job in 5.5 hours, and then takes 2 hours to TOIL, the balance is now 0 TOIL for that week. 

An alert indicates an employee's TOIL balance on a weekly basis, as some staff might build up an hour per day and when they have clocked up 7.5, take a whole day off.

Marketing Next Action

A reminder about next communication with a client/contact to discuss specific issues.

An example of use: a reminder setup for Invoice Distribution feature. The reminder would notify user in 10 days (from today) about upcoming action related to Invoice Distribution feature. Unless changed, the reminder cycle repeats for each configured topic.


An alert that indicates current age and next birthday for contacts.

Unspecified Times

An alert to indicate records where staff have used "unspecified time" on their timesheet, instead of a specific description, e.g. meeting, email/telephone, etc.

Check Automation

An alert to notify key IT person about any failed automation tasks. Ongoing operation of the tasks can be fundamental to the successful operation of the software.

RTI Alert

An inter-departmental notifier that indicates the payroll has been submitted (real-time information) and signifies that pension related work can be progressed with.

Unspec Assignment Manager

Significant marker detailing assignments that have not been assigned to the right portfolio holder.

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